Here is what we have been working on and what is to come: Language poetry has been our main focus for the past several weeks and we will continue to work. Explore its possibilities. Language poetry is being explored and we are looking at the many techniques. Read more »

Language poetry is really thinking about a lot of the poetry that one has probably read. Read more »

Language poetry is held out to be one of the poetic modes of the present moment. Language poetry is a movement of convincing authority in contemporary poetics. Language poetry is the biggest trend I see, experimental writing. Read more »

"Language poets" have established themselves as the most rigorous and the most radically experimental avant-garde on the current literary scene. Read more »

Post-language is some effect beyond experimental poetry. Post-language is nothing more than the sum of speech acts produced in the context of a specific speech community. Read more »

Yesterday spent at the Poetry & Politics event on campus, with participants Taylor Brady, David Buuck, Judith Goldman, Joanne Kyger, Walter Lew, Eileen Myles, Leslie Scalapino, Jen Scappetone, Juliana Spahr, Rob Wilson, Heriberto Yepez. A very full schedule, with little time to breathe between subevents. Read more »

Is Heriberto coming to San Francisco in reality or just in theory? Read more »

Ernesto Priego has finally seen David Lynch’s The Straight Story. Ernesto, I love this film. It made me cry too. Read more »