Lots of poetry reading last night. First Jen Hofer and Taylor Brady at Small Press Traffic in SF. Jen read from her new chapbook Lawless and an unpublished piece titled “One,” with a little accompaniment from Taylor. Read more »

In response to Ron’s Test of Poetry, and his discussion of “the question of naming & context, of anonymity & content”:

This exercise reminds me of the passage in Lacan’s Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis: Read more »

The emotive function (set toward the addresser), as Jakobson describes it, could be seen as the least intrinsically “linguistic” of all the linguistic functions. Read more »

What follows began as a response in Ron’s Squawkbox comment window, but it started getting too long so I transplanted it. Read more »

Is he gone? Is it safe? OK, time for the rundown on David’s three-night stand. Alli and I are the only two who saw him all three nights! That makes us special. It also affords us a privileged perspective on his work and the dynamics of its social presentation—or in other words, the way he adjusted to the weirdness of having three consecutive engagements, and how he dealt with varying his treatment accordingly. Read more »

Is Heriberto coming to San Francisco in reality or just in theory? Read more »

Last night’s LAB show had a great turnout–from what I could gather, they took in sufficient funds to go some way toward thievery-proofing the building, which was the main purpose of the benefit. Read more »

Last night’s 21 Grand event had just as much buzz attending it as it had actual attendants, and there were plenty of both. Read more »

Okay, first go check out Mike Snider’s latest piece on his Formal Blog responding to my recent post on abstract lyric.  Then come back here. Read more »

Murat points out that there is a kind of “ear” that is essentially a-sonic, a mental space of imagined sound, perhaps, for which certain poets have a distinctive knack. I would quote Murat directly, but I’ve just lost access to my saved e-mail (hopefully temporarily), so I hope he will forgive me if this is a misstatement. Read more »