Ye white antarctic birds of upper 57th street,
you gallery of white antarctic birds, you street
with white antarctic birds and cabs and white Read more »

I couldn’t agree more with Jonathan that Own Face is an indispensible book of poetry (I would make the same claim for at least half of everything else Coolidge has written), and that “Beyond,” which he (just slightly mis-) quotes, is one of the best poems in it: Read more »

580 Split, published out of Mills College, is probably the best university-affiliated creative writing journal on the west coast right now. Actually, it’s just about the only one I can think of other than SF State’s Fourteen Hills, which is uneven, but features some good work. Read more »

Bought a copy of Olson’s Causal Mythology at a local used book store a couple of days ago (an unusually good find for this store). I have never known what to make of Olson. His particular brand of incoherence conflicts with mine, I guess. I do quite like his poems in Allen’s anthology, but the Maximus poems strike me as 85% noise, 15% lofty Pound-imitation. Read more »